Kansas Lottery transfers back highest amount to the state

The Kansas Lottery has set a new benchmark in the fiscal year 2016, for the amount of money they generated and transferred back to the state of Kansas.  Including $78.2 million only from traditional lottery games.

“Traditional lottery revenue, the money we receive from selling lottery tickets, goes primarily to the Economic Development Initiatives Fund,” said by the spokesperson Sally Lunsford.  “This is a fund that supports departments like the commerce department, wildlife, parks and those kinds of programs.”

Revenue generated from traditional lottery also contributes to correctional institutions and juvenile detention facilities.  Over $50 million in a fiscal year goes to the state general fund.

“We transferred $1.658 million from the sale of our special $1 and $2 Veterans benefit instant scratch tickets” -Lunsford.

Programs that receive veteran’s scratch ticket money include the Veterans Enhanced Service Delivery Program, which brings services to veterans where they live, National Guard scholarships and Kansas veterans homes and cemeteries.

Apparently, The Kansas Lottery is accounted for three operating casinos in Kansas.  The way that money is distributed from casinos is different than lottery games.

“It goes primarily for the reduction of state debt, state infrastructure improvements, reduction of local ad valorem tax and for other purposes as directed by the Kansas legislature,” Lunsford said.  “It has been used for the Kan-Grow Engineering Funds at state universities.  Also, people will recall the reduction of the unfunded liability of the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System.  The legislature decides how that money is to be distributed.”
Transfers to the state from state-owned and operated casino gaming in the Fiscal Year 2016 were $85.7 million.

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