Lotto NZ labelled as world class in responsible gaming

Lotto New Zealand was recently felicitated with an international recognition award for its best practice approach to responsible gaming.
World Lottery Association (WLA) determines the international benchmark for responsible gaming.  Lotto NZ has been awarded for the best approach taken towards responsible gaming, recognizing Lotto NZ's commitment to minimize the potential risk problem or minor gambling. 

"Focusing on responsible gaming plays a central role in Lotto’s day-to-day operations, across all areas of the business”

“Lotto exists to generate funding for Kiwi communities, but we cannot truly benefit our communities if playing our games is causing undue harm." said Lotto NZ’s Chief Executive Wayne Pickup.

Lotto NZ's responsible gaming program emphasizes on education to staff and retailers, in case the players face an issue regarding lottery, provides customer support to its players both offline and online, also contributing to design and marketing of the games.

"Responsible play is all about having fun, being informed and knowing your limits" said Mr. Wayne.

"Our games are intended to be a bit of light entertainment and we want to keep it that way."

Lotto NZ earned Level 2 accreditation under the WLA’s Responsible Gaming Framework in 2009, followed by Level 3 in 2014 and currently achieved the highest possible recognition by WLA.

"I wish to extend my warmest congratulations to Lotto NZ for achieving level 4 certification," said Anne Pattberg, Chair of the World Lottery Association’s Independent Assessment Panel.

"The panel was very impressed with Lotto NZ’s strong corporate governance and its top-down drive to deliver responsible gaming, as well as the development of new and innovative ideas to promote responsible play."

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