World’s biggest gambling in Spain

It might come out as a surprise that the biggest gambling takes place in Spain during Christmas. The bets placed are worth billions and a huge amount of money is awarded to the winners. 
Number of registered online players have gone up from 2.2 million (2013) to 3.9 million (2014) and are likely to increase in 2015.

Players demographic: The ratio between men and women placing bets are 87:13 respectively. Large amounts of bets are placed by the age groups from 18-45, 72% of players placed their bets with online operators and the remaining with land-based lottery operators.

Largest lottery: “El Gordo” is the largest lottery operator. El Gordo means the fat one.  The winner was awarded 4 million Euros in 2011. Every year on 22nd December tickets start selling out, tickets are sold in markets by street vendors, tobacco shop etc.
Long queue is formed to buy the tickets in certain locations. The reason why Spanish Christmas lottery is the biggest because of many winners

Payout: Average gambling expenses were 7,769 Euros for men with women spending half as much. The return to player in terms of payout of all these games was 95.7% during Christmas.
The average lottery ticket costs 70 Euros per person.  Spanish government takes care of the lottery. 30% of sale of lotteries goes to the government while the remaining 70% is distributed as prize money.

Conclusion: It indicates majority number of the players place their bets with online lottery operators. The success rate of an online lottery is much higher than that of land-based lottery, with an online lottery being transparent and helps eliminate the scams.  

Source: The Olive Press