Hawaii to legalize online fantasy sports betting and lottery

Hawaii is one of the two states with no legal gambling, the other being Utah. Lawmakers in Hawaii want to make an exception by legalizing the bill for gambling in the form of fantasy sports and state lottery.    
The decision has been taken in light of Hawaii’s growing appetite for legalizing gambling. The bill suggests fantasy sports contest operators who offer cash prizes, to register with the state and subject to a yearly independent audit.

The sites are supposed to keep minors at the bay from it and have to pay $25,000 as registration fee, which has to be paid annually.

"We're all realists; people gamble everywhere so if we can regulate it properly and benefit from it, get some of the proceeds to help our most needy, at the end of the day it's a win-win. The Powerball created a lot of interest, and the timing was impeccable. It happened right before the start of the legislative session” said Democratic Rep. John Mizuno who co-introduced the bill.

John Mizuno also mentioned the measure has been taken that would start a lottery to benefit the homeless. Surveys and polls have been held since 2012 and Hawaii residents are changing their attitudes and support online lottery including state lottery.

"It puts state government into the gambling business, and we believe the state government should respect the citizens, not exploit them," said Dianne Kay, president of the Hawaii Coalition.

Earnings could be used to help fund education by the state. Focusing on the initiative taken of corporate social responsibility by doing the needful for the state LocusPlay too supports online gaming but moreover responsible and transparent gaming that includes no scam.

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