Online Lottery and its impact on conventional lottery business

Then - 

Remember those days when the Nepal based Play win lottery/Play win lotto draws being telecast live on TV.  The biggest lottery draws that changed someone’s life every evening and it did give a huge blow to the conventional state lottery.

We’ve come a long way in such a short period of time (10 years) since the invention of television in 1927.  We have seen an explosion of new technology, which allowed us to leave the mechanical age and entered into the age of technology.

During the next 10 years, many Internet lottery betting platform opened up, which meant we could play from home, office and wherever we wanted to play from.

Now -

It’s a telecom era, the lottery Smith stepped out of the bigger screen of the television and computer monitors and entered into mobile phone‘s small display and you could play lottery while on-the-go.

The technology revolution, as it became known, also provided us with the opportunity to have more free time.  In a similar vein, lottery and betting have left the confines of UK, US and has exploded across the reservations of Asia Pacific.  Looking back, the growth of Internet/online lottery and the online betting marketplace has been nothing short of phenomenal.  The online and mobile lottery generated revenues of US$ 5 billion in 2008, the Super Data expects the global online lottery industry to grow to US$ 48 billion by 2015, with conventional lottery outlets representing 22% of this growth (Juniper 2012).  In other words, online lottery represents Big Money.

It appears these new markets are still in infant stage. Regulatory actions have not kept up with the explosion of various offerings.  A convergence of mobile lottery and online lottery gambling industry to going seamlessly is inevitable. Like the technology of the past, these industries are also changing very rapidly and an understanding of what to look for becomes even more critical if you are in the market to license lottery and lottery betting enterprises and buy appropriate lottery technology services to operate.

As computers, tablets and mobile devices get smarter and faster, lottery technology providers face challenges of limited security and vulnerability issues, while trying to keep the cost of development down.  One of the most popular offerings is that of lottery and betting apps in Android and Smartphone.   
One needs to be wary of selecting right technology/lottery technology provider if he is looking to upgrade his lottery business to make an online/mobile presence.

Few things to keep in mind in making the right decision:
  • Don’t commit until you have seen a working demo of lottery software to ensure if the framework and development are in line with your enterprises betting objectives.
  • Look for customization - once the technology is implemented, you may want to tweak or enhance a feature for future need.  Check beforehand if the product has enough scope of personalization specific to the geography.
  • How many similar clients is this technology provider has partnered with?  If you are just another number, then how is your offering going to be different than others who bought this particular technology to operate?.  Bigger the lottery technology company does not mean a better solution.

So just like making a very valuable investment, look out for multiple benefits, make a quick analysis of programming, innovation, and development.  Keep a tab of newer lottery technology providers with fresh ideas, who are willing to walk those extra-miles with you and are equally effective in achieving better results.